Staying Involved and Having Fun are #1!

Our mission at AMSA is to give back to our local community while focusing on the individual growth of all members. This includes commitments to charity work, pre-professional development, and sharing these experiences with other members. Our volunteer work includes supporting organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Opportunity Village and many others. Giving back to our community is exciting, enjoyable, and fulfilling. We also connect our members to pre-professional events such as medical school tours, professional development classes, and practice tests for graduate school. As a reward, we encourage our members to have fun while attending chill events like cooking for fundraisers and AMSA

Free Practice Tests, Free Flashcards, Free Discounts, Oh My!

One of the benefits of becoming a member of UNLV's AMSA chapter is the national honors recognition and support from Kaplan Test Prep. Kaplan is known as the "World Leader in Test Prep" and prides itself in being a national partner with AMSA. The company spends a great deal of time, money, and effort in supporting AMSA members all across the nation by providing resources that best prepare them for their health care futures. This includes providing active members with 10% discounts and officers with 50% discounts on various MCAT, PCAT, DAT, and OAT Test Prep courses. In addition, Kaplan offers a free MCAT Flashcard deck and other various resources, such as free study guides, for these tests. A

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