NEST Collaborative Program

The NEST Collaborative is a program that provides social support for Nevada’s elders, veterans, and individuals living with disabilities. The NEST Collaborative offers three services to these populations. 


  1. One-on-one check in phone calls

    1. Volunteers will be matched with a participant. Volunteers will then call their participant(s) weekly to conduct a friendly conversation to provide a sense of social support in a time of isolation. 

  2. Peer Support Groups 

    1. Volunteers will host group sessions to create a virtual community. Again, with the same goal of providing social support through genuine relationships. 

  3. Tech Assistance

    1. Tech assistance volunteers would call participants who need help with technology to ensure the participants are getting the most out of the program. 


 The program is designed to provide social support to both the participants and volunteers. Not only would you have meaningful conversations that foster strong relationships; the program is entirely virtual and we work with students’ schedules. We think this is a wonderful opportunity for students to get experience with Nevadans! 


Attached below are our flyers with more information. If you have any questions please email or call (775) 682 - 8641. If you are interested in volunteering the link to the sign up is