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General Meeting Recap, Last Week's Events & What's Up Next!

Hello AMSA members! Our first general meeting was awesome. We at AMSA couldn't be more excited for this semester! A group picture is posted here, so feel free to post on your own social media and tag AMSA UNLV or use the hashtag #AMSAUNLV !

1st General Meeting Recap

Our first meeting was filled with a lot of new information! In result, here are a few recaps that may be helpful to AMSA members as the semester continues:

1. Check your RebelMail for the general meeting powerpoint or watch the video using this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vpfg7vgqVxk. (This can be used as a super helpful source for any questions you may have.)

2. Be reminded of AMSA Office Hours (by appt. only) and make sure you can easily access any officer's contact information.

-President & VP: amsa.unlv@gmail.com Tuesday 10-11AM

-Secretary: amsa.unlv.secretary@gmail.com Monday 12-1PM

-Treasurer: amsa.unlv.treasurer@gmail.com Friday 10-11AM

-Historian: amsa.unlv.hist@gmail.com Thursday 1-2PM

-Sergeant-at-Arms: amsa.unlv.sa@gmail.com Friday 2-3 PM

-Humanitarian Chair: amsa.unlv.hc@gmail.com Thursday 1-2PM

-Fundraising Chair: amsa.unlv.fc@gmail.com Friday 10-11AM

-Physician Shadowing Chair: amsa.unlv.psc@gmail.com Thursday 1-2PM

-Recruitment Chair: amsa.unlv.recruitment@gmail.com Tuesday 9-10AM

3. Make sure to keep up with the calendar and keep your eye out for event changes.

4. Remember that your member dues are due Sept. 23rd!

5. Keep an eye out for the U.C. Davis Trip on the second week of October! AMSA attends this event every year and it is usually a great way to learn more about medical school and what the life of a real-world physician is like.

Last Week's Events

With the Fall 2016 semester kicking into gear, AMSA is already participating in a lot of fun and informative events. Just last week, we attended a suturing clinic hosted by the U.S. Army. On Friday, we held our first general meeting AND attended a presentation given by Ross Medical School. And lastly, some AMSA members went on an adventurous Sunday field trip with Dr. Nika, AED, and APHP to go cliff jumping at Nelson's Landing!

AMSA This Week (9/12-9/18)

This week, we have three events going on that EACH fulfill a different requirement.

Events like these will be happening all semester, so make sure to keep up with our social media pages, check the calendar, and sneak a peak at our blog posts for more information.

Thursday 9/15 - United States Air Force (Professional Development Event)

Learn about the benefits of joining the U.S. Air Force as a medical student/doctor and their Health Professional Scholarship Program.

Thursday 9/15 - Touro University Open House (Physician Shadowing Event)

Touro is inviting prospective medical school applicants to join them in this event. For those who are interested in becoming a D.O., this is a great event to attend!

Saturday 9/17 - Vegas Roots Reggae Festival (Humanitarian Event)

This is a good way to receive volunteer hours and a great way to support a local organization that is focused on the prosperity of those living in the Las Vegas community.

And on that note, let's get started on making this semester with AMSA UNLV the best one yet! Good luck with your classes and see you at the events!

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